Friday, September 25, 2015

Still at it... and getting back to the blog

I cannot believe that it has been so long since my last blog post. Although I have been working very hard at the Stone Cottage Workshop, and posting on Facebook intermittently, my blogging just fell off the edge of the planet. Why? Well, I've opened two new shops... and a new workshop studio!

The Stone House Antique Center is still my number one place to sell my vintage goodness - classic fine linens, lace, painted furniture, silver.... I come in every Tuesday to open the store and greet customers, along with pricing and placing new merchandise, and work there other days of the week when they need me. But I found that some of the things I love, like the funkier linens, housewares and furniture from the 50's, 60's and 70's didn't sell well at Stone House. I think this is primarily because most of our clientele at Stone House are local residents from the Bucks County area, many of whom live in the wonderful old stone houses that grace the region. So I went looking for site #2 to host the midcentury stuff.
Enter "Stone Bungalow" at The People's Store, Lambertville, NJ! I just love my space on the second floor of the People's Store. I've now been here now since February, 2015.  It's really a very small space, only about 8' across by 15' long, so I've had to really work hard at utilizing every inch for display.

Although it's small, the good news is that Lambertville is a very happenin' place, with festivals and special events most weekends. It's right on the Delaware, and is considered one of the prettiest towns in New Jersey. Great restaurants and fantastic coffee and ice cream here too! So now that I have that place up and running, what's left to do but... open space three!
This is "Stone Bungalow" #2- at New Hope Antiques Center.  This is a new store that just opened up over the summer. It is located on Route 202 outside of New Hope just across from the New Hope Winery. This spot gave me an opportunity to continue to riff on the linens I love, painted furniture, and whatever else catches my fancy.

After opening this third shop, I now know that it's time to quit expanding and start sharpening my retailing skills. It's proven quite challenging to keep all three spaces stocked, fluffed and folded. But there is one last new space to talk about on my next blog post... it's where the Stone Cottage Workshop is creating a new studio space. This may be my favorite space of all.

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Little Vintage Cottage said...

Wow, THREE spaces!? I bet it is hard to keep up with it all. I just have one space in a local antique mall that I began selling at in March. So far it isn't going that great but I'm not giving up! I'm working on sharpening my retail sales skills as well. I DO have three Etsy shops though and that proves difficult to keep up on too at times!


michele mcbride said...

Little Vintage Cottage - Three Etsy shops blows ME away.... I'm sure we both agree that we have probably reached our limit... best of luck with ALL of it. There is no right way to sell vintage, you just have to figure out what works for you.

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